10 Deeply Honest and Encouraging Posts for Weary Moms

With the newly UPDATED and re-released book, Hope for the Weary Mom, by my friends, Brooke McGlothlin and Stacey Thacker, I wanted to share something with you that is near and dear to my heart. Back in 2013, I was blessed to host an online book club for the the Hope blog titled Hope for the New Year. I poured my heart out, writing 10 posts for moms just like you and me, for when life overwhelms and weariness sets in. Weariness comes in all forms and I pray you’ll find some bit of encouragement within the words that God laid on my heart for the weary days.

Are you in need of some Hope in the midst of your weariness? Grab a cup of coffee and read these 10 deeply honest and encouraging posts. || www.DevotionalFamily.com

Each of these posts reflects my own personal story of weariness and defeat…and the kind of Hope I found that transformed my heart and mind in ways I never dreamed possible. These weary days were a part of my story and the work God was doing in my life, at that time. Jesus truly met me right in the middle of my mess! And today, He continues to do it over and over again. I hope you’ll be blessed by each one of the following posts.

10 {deeply honest and encouraging} Posts for Weary Moms

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 Why God Meets Us In Our Mess || Megan Spires || www.DevotionalFamily.com
When Your Weakness Is All You Can See || Megan Spires || www.DevotionalFamily.com
When You Don't Measure Up || Megan Spires || www.DevotionalFamily.com
When Life Hurts Too Much || Megan Spires || www.DevotionalFamily.com
 When You Want to Run and Hide || Megan Spires || www.DevotionalFamily.com
When the Gentle Words Won't Come || Megan Spires || www.DevotionalFamily.com
 When You Come to the End of Yourself || Megan Spires || www.DevotionalFamily.com
 When You Just Want to Give Up || Megan Spires || www.DevotionalFamily.com
 When the World Presses In || Megan Spires || www.DevotionalFamily.com
 When Weary Moms Walk Together

Hope for the Weary Mom… go get the book!

So, if you find yourself in a place of weariness and you just feel stuck, know this…THERE IS HOPE! There is always Hope. No matter what circumstance you are facing, whether it’s a daily sort of weariness in the midst of everyday motherhood, or a season of hardship that isn’t letting up, Hope from the Hope-giver Himself, is always the answer. God knows our hearts like no other. I pray you’ll go get this book, Hope for the Weary Mom…because God has a lot to say to us through the hearts of the moms who wrote it. I know it spoke volumes to me about my own heart and the way I was living WITHOUT Hope.
Bottom line…Hope for the Weary Mom helped me fall deeper in love with Jesus and His Word, and THAT is all the Hope I need.
 Get the book, Hope for the Weary Mom, by Brooke McGlothlin & Stacey Thacker
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  1. So much love and appreciation for you sweet Megan! Thank you for your kind words and how you have been part of sharing “Hope” with moms everywhere!

    • meganspires@gmail.com says:

      It is absolutely my pleasure and honor to share “HOPE” with other moms, Stacey. I just love your heart and willingness to allow God to spread such great news about the Hope that He is, to all the nations.

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