10 Deeply Honest and Encouraging Posts for Weary Moms

With the newly UPDATED and re-released book, Hope for the Weary Mom, by my friends, Brooke McGlothlin and Stacey Thacker, I wanted to share something with you that is near and dear to my heart. Back in 2013, I was blessed to host an online book club for the the Hope blog titled Hope for the New Year. I poured my heart out, writing 10 posts for moms just like you and me, for when life overwhelms and weariness sets in. Weariness comes in all forms and I pray you’ll find some bit of encouragement within the words that God laid on my heart for the weary days.

Are you in need of some Hope in the midst of your weariness? Grab a cup of coffee and read these 10 deeply honest and encouraging posts. || www.DevotionalFamily.com

Each of these posts reflects my own personal story of weariness and defeat…and the kind of Hope I found that transformed my heart and mind in ways I never dreamed possible. These weary days were a part of my story and the work God was doing in my life, at that time. Jesus truly met me right in the middle of my mess! And today, He continues to do it over and over again. I hope you’ll be blessed by each one of the following posts.

10 {deeply honest and encouraging} Posts for Weary Moms

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 When Weary Moms Walk Together

Hope for the Weary Mom… go get the book!

So, if you find yourself in a place of weariness and you just feel stuck, know this…THERE IS HOPE! There is always Hope. No matter what circumstance you are facing, whether it’s a daily sort of weariness in the midst of everyday motherhood, or a season of hardship that isn’t letting up, Hope from the Hope-giver Himself, is always the answer. God knows our hearts like no other. I pray you’ll go get this book, Hope for the Weary Mom…because God has a lot to say to us through the hearts of the moms who wrote it. I know it spoke volumes to me about my own heart and the way I was living WITHOUT Hope.
Bottom line…Hope for the Weary Mom helped me fall deeper in love with Jesus and His Word, and THAT is all the Hope I need.
 Get the book, Hope for the Weary Mom, by Brooke McGlothlin & Stacey Thacker
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When You {feel like you} Don’t Measure Up

This is a post I wrote in June of 2012 during our 7 Days of Hope series based on Hope for the Weary Mom specifically for the third chapter: When You Don’t Measure Up. I’d love for you to join me and the amazing community of moms who are blessing me and each other every single day. God is doing some pretty incredible things through this book club. Will you join us?

I find myself comparing my life, my season and yes, even my faith (or lack of it, at times) to others. Often. Why do we do this? It’s never helpful. Always destructive. And completely unproductive. And yet, we still do it.

Sadly, I’ve even caught myself comparing my boys to other boys.

When I am shopping with my crew of boys and I just know that they can be heard at the other end of the store, I shudder. My 2 year old won’t sit nicely in the cart so I take him out and he’s literally destroying entire sections of the store while my middle two are fighting and my oldest just wants to hurry up and go home….I panic and look around to see who is watching. Who sees this display of “bad mothering” unfolding before their very eyes?

I see a mom stroll by with her three very patient and quiet children, one of whom is sitting happily in the cart singing sweetly. Why are my boys behaving so badly and hers are just….shopping, along for the ride. I don’t understand. I’m desperate and just know that everyone in the store is looking my way. Of course, this is where my thoughts go….I’m worried that there’s some sign hanging above my head that reads…“Step right up folks…Bad Mom Right Here: attempting to get a hold of her boys, but has no clue in the world how to.”

Or, I look around my house and am overwhelmed at the incredible sea of dishes overflowing from my sink and spilling onto my counters. The laundry piles are everywhere. One such pile of unfolded clean laundry is so huge and is a fairly permanent fixture of rotating clothing, that my boys have named it Mt. Laundry. Why haven’t I gotten a handle on all of this?

Recently, I was talking to another mom who was describing one of her friends in a very kind way as “…A super-woman kind of mom…her house is always clean, her kids are doing great in school, and she even works outside the home and is successful in her career.”

Yes, I began entertaining thoughts of what my life looked like compared to what this other mom’s life was like. If that is the definition of Super Mom, then I am a miserable failure.

But it’s not. And I’m not. And neither are you. YOU are exactly the mom created for the exact children you have. I’m quite certain that what others see is not always the whole picture. Every once in a while my house will be clean and my boys’ school work, nicely displayed on the walls, the boys are ALL having a good day together…and the doorbell rings. Perfect! Now someone will see how “good” I am. Finally, someone will witness this momentous occasion, where all appears perfect. But, this is just one moment in time, on one day and honestly….there’s no perfection here.

Life is messy. And with kids, it’s even messier! But aren’t they amazing? We have to stop comparing our lives, ourselves, to others. That mom in the store, shopping with her kids who are all behaving well….she struggles in some way too. The mom whose house is clean and her kids are excelling in school…she’s exhausted and in need of a break. And that sweet mom, going about her day, loving her children, trying to keep up with the endless chores, planning meals, trying to find a moment alone with God, desperate for something to go right in her day….she’s weary.

No matter how old our children are or what season of life we’re in with them, we cannot compare ourselves (or our children) with others.

“When they measure themselves by themselves and compare themselves with themselves, they are not wise.”  -2 Corinthians 10:12b

Weary moms…our self worth, our confidence, our security, our satisfaction and our HOPE are all found in one place….in the One who created us and loves us more than we can comprehend. If we know Jesus and He lives in our hearts, then our identities are in Him. We are worth a lot to God and that is what matters.

Satan wants more than anything to make us feel less than, not enough and inadequate. He revels in our entertaining ideas of what a “perfect life” looks like. What ever circumstance we are in right now…wherever we are in the thick of raising our sons, we can know that our God is for us. Our strength comes when we recognize our own weaknesses. For me, it’s a general feeling of defeat. An “I can’t” sort of attitude. When I pour this out to God and come to the end of myself, He is so good to give me grace and an extra helping of overflowing love that always completely transforms and renews my heart and mind.

 “So do not fear, for I am with you;
    do not be dismayed, for I am your God.
I will strengthen you and help you;
    I will uphold you with my righteous right hand.” -Isaiah 41:10

 Linking up with Hope for the Weary Mom today. Will you join us for our book club?

In awe of God and all the weary moms {at hopeforthewearymom.com)

It’s only Tuesday, the second day of our Hope for the New Year book club and I’m having trouble coming up with the words to describe my amazement of what God is already doing through this study. Moms are sharing the very core of their raw emotions and broken selves with one another. These are women of God, sisters in Christ. They come from all corners of the world, in all different kinds of seasons of life and walking through circumstances of kinds. There is no judgement…only grace and acceptance and love from each precious one there and for one another. It’s truly remarkable.

I had no idea how big this was going to be. How deeply this study of Hope for the Weary Mom: Where God Meets You In Your Mess by authors, Brooke McGlothlin and Stacey Thacker, would penetrate my heart. The book itself, the words spilled onto each page, inspired by God and written by two moms desperate for Jesus to meet them right where they are….THAT alone blew me away and spoke deeply to my heart.

But now, spending time reading and conversing with a community of moms walking through motherhood, through life, feeling in their hearts the same way I feel most days…THIS, I really have no words adequate enough to describe how blessed and thankful I am for each woman there willing to lay it all out on the table, to be real and speak the truth of their inner most parts. It’s truly blessing me beyond words.

If you are a mom that could use some understanding and grace, some fellowship and some encouraging HOPE, will you please join me, Brooke and Stacey along with hundreds of other moms just like you and me over at Hope for the Weary Mom? You won’t regret it. We started our study Monday (January 7th), so it would be really easy to jump right in and be blessed.

Here is the announcement of the Book Club where you can learn all the details and sign up. And here is the first post from Monday with Stacey’s video message to you along with some amazing conversation going in the comments area.

We’d love for you to join us and find Hope for the New Year!

Hope for the New Year {book club}

Moms, are you tired? A little worn out? Maybe REALLY worn out? I know I am most of the time. But we don’t have to be defeated. In fact, I have been waiting with great anticipation for today so I could tell you about a Book Club I will be hosting over at Hope for the Weary Mom beginning January 7, 2013. 

When Brooke McGlothlin and Stacey Thacker, the authors of the book, Hope for the Weary Mom: When God Meets You in your Mess, asked me if I would like to host this book club….I can’t even begin to tell you how excited I was. The first edition of their book blessed me so much and the “7 Days of Hope” study that followed life changing. And then God spoke even more truth through these two women for even more HOPE and a new expanded edition of their book was released in October.

And now….God still has more. I am humbled and so thankful to get to be a part of Hope for the New Year. If you are struggling in any area of motherhood or there are days where life just feels overwhelming, join us for ten weeks of Hope that will fill your weary soul. I just know God has amazing things in store for all of us. He’s been involved in all of this from the very beginning, so I am praying that if you are in need of some real encouragement from some very real moms….I hope you’ll join us over at Hope for the Weary Mom and sign up for our Book Club. What a great way to start the new year…

Will you join us for Hope for the New Year? 

Preview of what will happen each week during our Book Club: 
{AKA: Tons of encouragement all week long!!}

Mondays:  Brooke and Stacey will share their hearts (via video) about Hope as they answer some of the book’s questions  and offer words of real encouragement. You won’t want to miss this.
Wednesdays: I will pour my heart out as I reflect on my own weariness and the Hope I find in Christ.
Fridays: Guest Post Day and a link up! If you’ve already read the book and a particular chapter spoke deeply to your heart, we’d love for you to submit a guest post. (700 words or less in HTML format or Word Doc. Include a pinable photo for your post, along with a short bio and photo of you.)  Please send your submissions to hopeforthewearymom@gmail.com by January 7th. Along with our guest posts each Friday, we’ll have an opportunity for you to link up your posts on Hope as well.

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Reclaiming Balance Through a One Word Mission Statement

Last year I decided to take part in a movement I began seeing on the blog homes of many of my favorite mom bloggers. They were claiming one WORD for the year…a word placed on their hearts by God to live and learn by for 365 days. I was inspired, but mostly…I knew I needed to claim a special word of my very own that would make up my mission statement for the year.

That word was ABIDE. It was so clear to me. I even went to Michael’s craft store and bought wooden letters painted white to spell out my mission to place on my mantle as a constant reminder. That word has been there all year, until this week when I took it down to decorate for Christmas. Now, it’s already begging for a new word to catch my eye throughout the day so I won’t forget.

This week I wrote a post for the Hip Homeschool Moms about this very topic. As I was writing it, I realized that it was in fact shaping up to be the first part in my Reclaiming Balance For Your Family series…you know, the one that has no timeline or projected length to speak of. It’s more of an ongoing project!

I had assumed that my word for this next new year would be Balance, as in Reclaiming BALANCE For Your Family. But what God showed me was that Balance would actually be the result of another word He had in mind for me. I really was ready to buy those seven little letters to place above my mantle again for 2013. But, going a little deeper as God often wills me to do…I know Balance won’t be possible for our family unless I (we) do something else first.

To read about it, follow me over to the Hip Homeschool Moms today, where you can read my article about a starting place in the quest for Balance.

If you choose to claim a word as your own for 2013, what will it be?
Blessings to you,


What happened to that Heart Work series?

If you’ve spent any time here, you might remember The Blog Series That Didn’t Happen. It was the one I tried to write about preparing our hearts for homeschooling at the end of last Summer. The problem was that my heart wasn’t truly yet prepared….at least it wasn’t prepared enough to write about. I felt like my heart was in the right place, that the blog series itself was God inspired, but I had failed to really pray through it the way God wanted me to.

So, after committing to write the series…suddenly, I realized I couldn’t. God pulled me back and told me to wait and just pray. So, I did. Much happened during the next two months, both in my heart and in life. And during this time, I was blessed with the opportunity to join the writing team over at Managing Your Blessings. I started praying about my first article. And that’s when I realized God had saved me from writing that series here because He had another plan for it.

And that is when and how my first article, A Heart Prepared For The Road Ahead, came to life. This was no longer just about homeschooling, but about everything in life. Every season. Every circumstance. And every single path. God has so much for us if we would only seek Him first in all things.

I pray you’ll go read the result of the blog series that never happened here. It’s a message of encouragement placed on my heart by God, one that spoke deeply to my heart. I just couldn’t help but share it with you. I hope you’ll read A Heart Prepared For The Road Ahead, and be blessed.

How Faith and Motherhood are like obstacle courses {and when Mom gets a migraine}

This past Friday, my boys and I went to our homeschool co-op group get together. We had really been looking forward to this particular one because it was Obstacle Course Day. It was each family’s job to create a portion of the obstacle course. We talked about it all week and in the end, decided to we’d do the “balloon waddle”. Now, for anyone who has not heard of this, all you do is blow up a balloon, stick it between your knees and waddle away without dropping it. It’s an old 4th of July Family Olympics favorite of ours and is hysterical to watch. 

Once we arrived and the course was set up, we prayed and had a short lesson centered around the parallel of our faith being much like an obstacle course. It takes patience and perseverance. Some of it will be challenging and sometimes there are setbacks. But the testing of our faith builds endurance and it takes endurance to finish and get to the end. And one thing we can know for sure, there’s a great reward at the finish line…Jesus.

“Consider it pure joy, my brothers and sisters,whenever you face trials of many kinds, because you know that the testing of your faith produces perseverance. Let perseverance finish its work so that you may be mature and complete, not lacking anything.”
-James 1:2-4

I thought this was such a great lesson for all of us and a great reminder to me that Motherhood is included in this parallel. Raising, loving, teaching and caring for our children takes many years…a lifetime of years. As much as we’d like for our kids to “grow up” in certain areas or learn how to do certain things in our timing, it doesn’t work like that. Just as the maturing of our faith takes time, so does the maturing of a child and his or her own faith.

So often, I catch myself thinking we should be past “this” by now or there are days when I wonder, “Why can’t my boys just be kinder to each other? or Are they ever going to learn to clean up after themselves without my prompting?”. You know the questions I’m talking about. As moms, we spend so much time teaching and training, modeling and even pleading with our kids to LEARN and MATURE.

Yes, Motherhood is like an obstacle course which takes much faith and endurance!

So, when my boys had completed their course four times, I decided we needed to leave immediately. Let me back up…that morning, I had woken up with another migraine. I wasn’t all that sure it wasn’t something more, but did know for sure my head was throbbing, and feeling like it would explode any minute, especially behind my right eye. I almost cancelled our outing, but hoped the fresh air might help alleviate the pain and nausea. It didn’t.

So, with four very unhappy boys (some crying) loaded up in the truck, we headed home. Their friends were still playing and probably had another hour or more left before they, too, would be leaving. My guys felt cheated. I felt terrible for making them leave so abruptly, without even saying goodbye to their friends, but I was just too sick to stay another minute. They soon realized just how sick I was when I had to pull over at a nearby park as the nausea consumed me entirely. As I got back in the truck, red faced, tears streaming, there was silence. Now there were four tender-hearted sympathetic faces starring at me. I reassured them all I’d be okay once we got home.

With my window rolled down, I took deep breaths all the way home. I was shaking. The pain in my head was awful. I just wanted to crawl under a blanket in a dark and quiet room and shut my eyes. I prayed for help for the hours ahead, as on any “normal” day…peace and quiet don’t typically define our days. And that is exactly what I needed most.

We pulled into the driveway. Finally. My oldest son who is eight, jumped out of the car, grabbing backpacks, water bottles, coats and then my keys. I was moving slowly. He ran to the door, unlocked it and ran inside. My other boys followed closely behind him. As I walked in, there was a silent flurry of motion. No one was speaking. They just KNEW what to do, how to take care of their mom when she gets a migraine. There was never a question or a beat skipped. My oldest two ( 6 & 8) made a bed on the couch for me with my favorite quilt, my pillow and heating pad for my head. Then they brought me a bowl, just in case, and water. And they didn’t just hand me the water. They carefully let me sip it, taking turns to put it back on the table so it wouldn’t spill.

Then they worked together to warm up milk for our youngest and put him down for a nap. Amazing! Truly amazing….a gift. And for the next three hours, there was silence. They played with their four year old brother in the play room, checking on me every half hour or so.

I couldn’t believe it. And yet….I could. They didn’t learn how to work together or take care of their mom or even learn how to be quiet when needed, overnight. No, these things took time. And often, their teacher gets frustrated and sometimes impatient, even ungracious with these boys….these sweet boys who are still so very young. God doesn’t get this way with us though. I’m so thankful for His patient and gracious ways.

And on this day, God showed me that everything we’re doing….all this hard work? Motherhood? It’s like an obstacle course. He honors our every effort. He sees it all and knows our hearts. Every second of this high calling is worth it. So on those days when your house is a mess and it feels like your wheels are spinning or there’s constant sibling rivalry going on and you can’t get your youngest down for a nap….just pray and keep going. This is not a race. All of these days work together to build endurance and character in us and our children.

I was so thankful for the gift of love and care in action my boys gave to me on this day. And I am thankful also for the gift of being able to see the fruit of my labor (and God’s) in the hearts of my sons.

Reclaiming Balance For Your Family {and ours}

I love November and December for a variety of reasons. Around here, the Fall leaves are at their peak of colorful vibrancy. And the wind is now carrying that beauty down to the ground making every side street a vivid work of art, thanks to our Creator. It’s the time of year we set aside time to count our blessings and be thankful for all we have and all God is doing. And of course, we have the awesome privilege of celebrating the birth of our mighty Savior.

Something about the close of one year, with all of it’s memories made and the possibilities of a new year ahead fill me with a fresh motivation and renewed hope. I can see where we’ve been, where God’s taken us. Each moment filled with another victory or a challenge, the “yes” moments, a mistake made, the teachable moments that lead to a deeper faith, an unwise choice, or a pause to wait upon Jesus for the answer. I am thankful for every single moment….even the difficult ones. And oh, there have been some difficult ones.


That renewed hope and fresh motivation has stirred something in me to want to reclaim some intentionality and purpose for our family. Along the way, it’s easy to get sidetracked and stuck in certain routines and thought processes, even ones that aren’t benefiting anyone. We cling to our comfort zones, even when they’ve become something that isn’t necessarily good for us.

“For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future. Then you will call on me and come and pray to me, and I will listen to you. You will seek me and find me when you seek me with all your heart.”

Breaking “not-so-good-for-you” habits and creating healthier ones can be really uncomfortable.Whether it’s a heart issue or something more tangible, we get used to the state of our mess and disarray. But it’s a guarantee that God will ALWAYS have our best interests at heart. In Him there is absolute safety and grace. No need to worry about cleaning ourselves up first. That dirt on the inside of our lives? Plain old water won’t wash it clean. Only God can do that. No matter what it is that we feel God tugging on our spirits to do or change, it CAN be done with His help.

So, for however long it takes, in as many or as few blog posts as God inspires me to write…I want to share with you how God is moving our family to reclaim some serious balance that we’ve either lost or never had to begin with. I would normally give you a time-frame and exact outline of the posts you could expect here, but honestly, I’m writing on faith that God’s plans for this series are better than my own. He planted the seed in my heart to write about it after prompting my husband and I to really take a look at the imbalance we’ve become accustom to. He’s showing us daily how to rely more and more on Him for His best in ALL areas of our lives.

As God guides our steps toward better balance in all areas (one area at a time), I’m already hearing Him loud and clear about several areas we need to focus our attention on. Sometimes we get caught up in trying to MANAGE everything (like a business) when often, nurturing is what is needed. And other times, we’re not managing things well and everyone starts to suffer. Therein lies the balance of family life, right?!

Some areas of focus:

  • Bible Study: My time alone with God, devotions with the kids and family devotions.
  • Media: How we should use all of our technical devices, when and how much.
  • Exercise: God’s plan for us to get more active and healthy!
  • Meal Planning: Getting dinner on the table!
  • Laundry: Taming the piles and my search for a better method.
  • Time Commitments: What’s wasting my (our) time and the importance of good stewardship over it.
  • Weekends with Dad: Making the most of time spent together on weekends.
  • Attitudes of Gratitude: Contentment, complaining and comparing…oh my!
  • Becoming a YES Mom: Unrealistic expectations! 

Are you also struggling from some areas of imbalance in your life or feeling led to build some new habits and break away from some old ones? Be encouraged that God has the BEST plans for you. I am so excited for what lies ahead and thankful He woke me up to His loving call for healthy changes.

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Managing Your Blessings {and what do your hats look like?}

Blessings. Do you ever just sit sometimes in awe over ALL the ways you are blessed? Even when there are hardships and struggles, somewhere in them, there are blessings.

And think about all those different hats you wear. I’m guessing you wear many. What do they look like? I bet you wear lots of beautiful ones. Each role you accept requires a specific hat. Those hats…they do come from above. All of the different ways you love and care for others while wearing those hats…that’s God’s way of blessing others through you. A double blessing, really. Because if you are part of being a blessing to another, don’t you feel blessed as well? I do.

This is one of my Mom hats. It’s one I wear proudly when reading superhero stories to my boys. 

God‘s LOVE is so good. I love that hat He wears, called Agape!

I am really excited to let you know about the Managing Your Blessings website that my very good friend, Carlie Kercheval, is launching TODAY. I am incredibly blessed by her and am so honored to be a part of the ministry God has placed on her heart. Each of the 20 writers (myself included) seeks to share their hearts openly and honestly about their faith and how God is teaching them in every area of their lives.

It’s easy in this life to forget about or overlook all the ways we are truly blessed. I know I do if I am feeling particularly offended or bitter, even ungrateful. And when I don’t feel like my blessings are “good enough”, when my attitude is showing a serious lack of gratitude for all that I really have…I’m leaving big giant gaping entryways for the enemy to attack. Opportune moments for darkness to seep in.

I don’t want that. So, to bring light into the darkness we need to be thankful for God’s blessings, seek Him in everything and run to Him when this life is hard. He redeems and brings forth blessings out of ugly messes and tragedy. I am so thankful for that. I can’t even imagine what this life would be like if this were it.

Our “hats” are beautiful, like jeweled crowns, when we have Jesus by our side shining His light within us. Managing Your Blessings is dedicated to the biblical encouragement and teaching of how to be a good steward of all God’s blessings in our lives. It is centered around this Scripture…

“As every man hath received the gift, even so minister the same one to another, as good stewards of the manifold grace of God.”
1 Peter 4:10 (KJV)
Will you join us over at Managing Your Blessings? We’d love for you to “like” the community Facebook Page and follow along by subscribing to the site or sign up to receive email updates. I pray this ministry will be a blessing to you. 
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Hope for the Weary Mom {book review & a giveway}

Moms, I want to share something with you. Something I think many of us know well…a feeling, a posture, an exhaustion, even a jadedness that we may not want to admit. It’s called weariness. Do you know it? Are you familiar with these feelings? If you are and you’re looking for some light in the darkness…a ray of HOPE to fill your heart…please keep reading.

I am a mom to four very active and adventurous boys who break my heart and fill me with joy all at the same time, every single day. I am weary. And this mom’s heart is in need of God’s tenderness and loving care…the kind that only He can give when no one else understands what I need.

This care that I need and long for isn’t new. It’s not something I suddenly felt this morning or last year. I’ve always felt it. But, the kind of care I need changed the day I found out I was pregnant with my first born son and then again the second I held him for the very first time. As I breathed him in, a scent that only comes straight from the arms of Heaven, I knew right then that parenting this little one would require so much more than I could give him. My walk with God changed that day.

And with each new son God blessed my husband and I with, came more heart change, new vulnerabilities and a deeper need for more of Him. As the years pass and I am continually brought back to places of vulnerability, I am reminded by God of how much I need to be in those places so I will rely on His strength where I am weak and weary.

Earlier this year, I was so thankful to read a little ebook that addressed my weary heart condition. I loved it so much, I hosted a week long series for other moms hoping they, too, would be blessed by this book. What a hope-filled week that was. Hope for the Weary Mom: Where God Meets You in Your Mess, by authors Brooke McGlothlin and Stacey Thacker now has an expanded edition that just released this week. The original version of this book was incredible. But, the new version? The one that has more chapters, even more depth, more stories of struggle, suffering, perseverance, grace and hope? Well, it’s AMAZING!

I’ve had the privilege and blessing of being a part of the launch team for this new and expanded book: Hope for the Weary Mom. I’ve read the book. And I’m reading it again because in all of it’s raw truth and honesty about the condition of a mother’s heart when she is weary….there is HOPE. I need this. We all do. This book doesn’t just “touch” on a few areas that make a mama tired. No, these authors speak about circumstances and matters of the heart that I find myself nodding in complete and utter agreement about. I’ve said outloud, “YES, someone else gets it!” more than a few times when reading what these sweet moms have to say about the real things of motherhood.

This book has helped me see more clearly, pray more deeply and know more intimately the Truth of who our God is. Our loving Father loves us with a love so deep, we can’t fathom it. He wants us to know and experience the kind of Hope that Brooke and Stacey offer to all of us in their newly expanded book, Hope for the Weary Mom.

Friends, I pray you go out and get this book today. Here is the Kindle version.   Or you can get a paperback book to hold in your hands.

And guess what! If you missed your opportunity to get this book for free earlier in the week…Brooke and Stacey are graciously letting me give away ONE FREE PDF COPY to one of you sweet moms! To enter for your chance to win, leave me a comment below along with your email address. If you’re already one my faithful followers, THANK YOU! Let me know you are already following for a second chance to win and if you aren’t, I’d love it if you’d join my circle here by subscribing to this blog and/or our Facebook page. I’ll announce the winner on Monday, October 29th.

…and if you’re a boy mom, like myself, join me for the blog series I hosted especially for you based on the original little ebook Brooke and Stacey wrote last year!

~A Blog Series~
 7 Days of Hope for the Weary {Boy} Mom
{from the original ebook: Hope for the Weary Mom. Hosted earlier this year.}

If you’re still reading this, I hope and pray you’ll grab something warm to drink and stay a while. This is the blog series I hosted here earlier this year: 7 Days of Hope and is based on the ebook, Hope for the Weary Mom: Where God Meets You in Your Mess, by authors Brooke McGlothlin and Stacey Thacker. I can’t wait for all of you brave boy moms to join with me in setting our eyes on the One who created us, who sees where we are, knows the longings of our hearts and our deepest desires to be the moms He created us to be for the sons He so lovingly blessed us with.

7 Days of Hope for the Weary BOY Mom…on it’s way…
7 Days of Hope….preparing our hearts
7 Days of Hope: Welcome!
Day 1: When the Gentle Words Won’t Come
Day 2: When you Don’t Measure Up
Day 3: Beer and Cigarettes?
Day 4: Why you Can’t Live at the Spa
Guest Post: Response to Day 1
It’s all about YOU!
Day 5: When you Just Want to Give Up 
Day 6: Sometimes it Takes an Altar
Day 7: “When Life Hurts Too Much”

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